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Find a lawyer, tools & calculators, legal research, forms, resources, practice information, legal organizations, support services, state legal resources
Forms, research, legal dictionary, article library, knowledge base, find a local attorney
Search for a local lawyer, browse legal information, forms, legal news, state laws, free full-text books
Legal news, law journal, newsletters, resources, experts, verdicts, online CLE, legal dictionary, legal blogs, practice centers, legal technology, surveys and rankings
Find legal professionals, prepare documents, answer questions, legal news, consumer resources, business resources, attorney programs, legal experts, law info in your city
Gavel2Gavel:  courts & opinions, legal forms, codes & statutes, legal humor, employment, computers, historical law, travel guides, science, and much more!
Federal and state resources, legal research, legal directories, trial consultants, settlements, process servers, court reporters
Resource for students and faculty in paralegal and legal studies from Prentice Hall, Pearson Legal Series
American Law Sources Online - Choose your state or country (United States, Canada and Mexico) and there are links to everything you could want in the way of law, statutes, rules, administrative codes, forms, courts, journals, ordinances, etc.
Statute of Limitations for debt collection by state
Civil Statute of Limitations by state
National Federation of Paralegal Associations legal resources page
Hieros Gamos:  The Comprehensive Law and Government Site contains various databases, information on legal organizations, as well as doing business guides and online seminars; contains over 70,000 links to various other legal websites; worldwide legal directories
The Public Library of Law, the web’s largest free law library
Law and technology resources for legal professionals, includes court rules, forms and dockets
Federal Subpoena On-Line Form
PACER Service Center
About E-filing
Directory of States – state homepage, state court homepage, statutes, state bar homepage, state consumer protection, list of communities
State Statutes by Topic – all States
Uniform Rules of Evidence Locator

American University Washington College of Law, Pence Law Library
Chicago-Kent College of Law
Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute
Emory University School of Law
Florida State University College of Law, Research Center
Franklin Pierce Law Center
Genesee Community College, Library, Paralegal Web Resources Page
Georgetown University Law Center
George Washington University National Law Center
Harvard Law School
Indiana University School of Law/Maurer School of Law, Virtual Law Library
John Marshall Law School
Stanford University Law School/Robert Crown Law Library
University of California Berkley
UCLA School of Law
University of Chicago Law School
University of Cincinnati College of Law
University of Kansas School of Law/Wheat Law Library
University of Oregon Law School
University of Pennsylvania/Penn Law
University of Southern California Law School
University of Texas Law School
Washburn University School of Law
Libraries in the United States
Civil Law Dictionary
Intended to serve as a tool to research and share information about members of Congress
Copyright Experiences:  purpose of this wiki is for legal academics and others to share their experiences regarding copyright requirements and model copyright agreements, all with the goal of ensuring the widest possible distribution of published works
Various wiki projects related to the work of the Creative Commons organization, which provides an alternative to traditional copyright; among the projects here is the Podcasting Legal Guide
Internet Law Treatise – sponsored by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, it maintains an open-licensed, collaborative treatise summarizing the law related to the Internet
Free online tax research resource and community for tax professionals, sponsored by tax software company Intuit
From the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School, this is an ambitious undertaking to create a collaboratively written legal dictionary and encyclopedia
Goal of this wiki is to develop a free legal resource for the world at large, with an initial focus on US law; still in development
WikiPatents Community contributes to the US Patent System by reviewing issued patents and pending patent applications.  WikiPatents features a wiki-like interface to review, rate, and discuss patents – plus free patent PDF downloads, file histories, and advanced patent searching

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