PACE® News / History

December 2015:

NFPA is transitioning to delivery and servicing of PACE entirely through Prometric, a market leader in the test development and test delivery services.  A new online application for PACE is undergoing testing and will hopefully be launched soon after the new year.  Please check the NFPA website if you are considering applying for PACE early in the new year. 

May 2015:

NFPA’S Limited Time Certification Reclamation Program for Lapsed RPs®:  Have you let your RP® credential lapse (for credentials that expired between 01/01/09 and the present)?  Would you like to be able to use your RP® credential again?  For a limited time, between now and March 31, 2016, NFPA is offering Lapsed RPs® the opportunity to participate in NFPA's one-time Certification Reclamation Program. This program allows those RPs® to reclaim their RP® Certification credential, by following a few simple steps.  Click here for more information.

March 2010:

Pricing Increase: There has been a slight price increase for the Study Manual. The Study Manual is $79.80.  Pearson continues to offer the bundle special discount if the handbook and Study Manual are purchased together.  The new bundle price is $95.10.  Pearson includes free shipping with the orders.

June 2009:

Pricing Increase: There has been a slight price increase for the Study Manual and the Application/Handbook.  The Study Manual is $77.40 and the Application/Handbook is $25.80.  The modest price increase was due to the publisher's across the board increase on all their products.  These publications are now available for purchase at a 10% discount if purchased as a "bundle."

RP® List Serve: There is now a list serve for RPs.  The sign up is on the NFPA® homepage.  It is for RPs only and will allow RPs a list serve to discuss RP issues, renewal issues, or general paralegal subjects.  The list serve is similar to the other list serves offered through NFPA.

5th Edition Update: The 5th Edition of the PACE Study Manual contains errors in the pages referenced in the Table of Contents.  A corrected Table of Contents is available by clicking here. If you purchased the 5th Edition of the Study Manual, please print out the corrected Table of Contents to insert into your Manual.  NFPA will be working with the publisher to correct this error on future printings. 

New Study Manual: The 5th Edition of the PACE Study Manual is now available for purchase.  The Study Manual includes many new mini-chapters including bankruptcy, corporate law, intellectual property, family law, and other areas tested in the new exam.  The existing chapters from previous editions of the Study Manual have also been updated, and there is a completely re-written technology chapter!  

The Study Manual can be purchased through the NFPA website and will be shipped directly from the publisher, Prentice Hall.   

Although there will be no further updates to the 4th Edition of the Study Manual, if you recently purchased this edition, be assured that it will still assist you in preparing for the new exam.  It is not as comprehensive as the 5th Edition, but the major difference is the re-written technology section and the addition of the mini-chapters.  It is encouraged that you not solely rely upon the Study Manual to prepare for the exam.  Instead, it is imperative you consult other source materials, regardless of which edition of the Study Manual you are using to prepare for the exam. 

Newly Re-Written Exam: The newly re-written PACE Exam will go live on May 12, 2008.  The test will not be scheduled during the period of April 16, 2008 through May 12, 2008, to allow the vendor to upload and beta test the new exam.  


The Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam (PACE) is a proficiency-based exam, designed in 1994 by the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) to test the competency level of experienced paralegals.  In conjunction with a professional testing firm, assisted by an independent task force including paralegals, lawyers, paralegal educators and content specific specialists from the general public who are legal advocates, PACE was created. 

PACE is a fair and independent exam administered by Professional Examination Service (PES), a non-profit corporation which promotes and provides services pertaining to sound licensure and certification practices.  

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